Moses and Deliverance - Chapter 4

When Moses is 40 years old, he's strong and driven. He is ready to stand up and fight for his people. He even goes as far as to kill an Egyptian who is abusing his fellow Hebrews. Why does God wait till he's an old man (around 80) to use him to lead the people out of Egypt? Why not use him when he's in his prime and has the energy?

God's timing always seems to be a bit terrible... I know His timing is perfect. But, it sure seems to be inconvenient for the people He is working with. Why does God work the way He does? What does this have to do with the question of "dependency" we've been talking about for a few weeks now? 

The Hebrew people complain at the first sign of trouble in the wilderness. They complain that they would rather be slaves in Egypt than to die seeking freedom. This seems rather dumb... but we have to look into the mirror of this passage and reflect on our own walk with God. They are going to the wilderness where they have to completely rely on God for everything. Where are some areas of your life that you often choose the slavery of doing things your own way rather than taking the risk of trusting God? The wilderness is the place where the Hebrews continually return to in order to learn dependency. What can you do in the next few weeks to intentionally "enter the wilderness" in order to learn dependency?