Before the Page Turns - Chapter 3

Every time I’ve read the story of Joseph in the past, the focus has always been on the high positions he rises to wherever he arrives. We see his rise in Potiphar’s house, in prison, and then finally to second in command of Egypt. As we read these stories, it is easy to miss the richness of human emotion.

When we find Joseph in dark places where things seem grim, the page turns and life is quickly looking up. We miss that while in Potiphar’s house he must wrestle with what his brothers have done to him. He was the favored son and now he is a slave. He stays in prison for several years after being forgotten by the cup bearer and baker. What is going through Joseph’s mind during that time? Do you think he spends much time daydreaming about his brothers bowing down before him? Even when he is second in command of Egypt, he is still away from his father and his promise.

While Joseph’s character flaws are many, what does it take to remain faithful through these dark times he went through? God worked through the mess of Joseph’s situation for the good of their family. Looking back over his life, Joseph saw where God used his mess for good. Last week in my email, I talked about how God has worked through my brother’s mess to bring him to a position where he is leading a church in prison. How have you seen God work through the messes in your life? What do you do to keep faith as you live life before the page turns and all gets better?