Dwelling in Unity - Donald Howard

I consider it a true blessing to have such gifted and passionate people fill the pulpit while I am away at school. I missed being with you this last Sunday and I’ll miss being with you this Sunday. I know Donald Howard will do an excellent job filling in and will bring a word from God for you. My prayer is that you will be present to God to receive His Word. I continue to be in prayer for you while I am away. I’m excited to return and share with you all that I am learning in school these two weeks.

Bro. Donald will be bringing a word from Psalm 133 and Ephesians 4:10-15 in his sermon, “Dwelling in Unity.” Take time to read these passages and rest in them. Use the scripture as a lens to examine Queen City but then use it as a mirror to examine your own life within our community of faith at QCC. It is easy to read scripture with “other people” in mind and walk away unchanged by the encounter you just had with God. Allow yourself to be present to the text so that you will walk away changed by your encounter with the words of God.  

What does unity look like? What does it take to live in unity? Why is dwelling in unity important? What must we do in today's time to dwell in unity? What role does Christ play in unity?

I heard a Sister the other day make this comment about diversity and unity, “These are the people I’m going to be with in heaven, what does it say if I can’t live in unity with them now.”

We are called to live out what God intended his creation to look like. We are called to live out our unity in Christ because Christ broke down all barriers between people groups and social groups. We all come to this Family through the same Christ, through the same baptism, and we stay connected to this Family through the same Christ, through the same Communion/Lord’s Supper.

What are you doing this week to walk towards unity with others? What do you need to repent of that has moved you away from unity with others? Come hear a word this Sunday and be transformed in the presence of God.