Day 6 of Advent - Luke 11:29-36

Luke 11:29-36

Have you ever been on the phone with someone and they seemed distracted? After short time of frustrating conversation, you ask them what they are distracted by just to hear them say, “I can’t find my stupid phone! I’ve been looking everywhere!” Those are hilarious moments and we get a good laugh out of them. Sometimes we can be so focused on one thing that we miss the obvious. We want clarity of a sign, but we miss the obvious signs in front of us because our lives are so dark that we cannot even begin to see. 

Jesus gives a warning about the light that they cannot see though the light stands right in front of them. Jonah, who was one of the worst prophets in the Bible, managed to convert the entire city of Nineveh. One who is greater than Jonah and light itself, is standing in front of them and they fail to see the signs! How much worse are they than the Ninevites?! 

You have the light of Jesus in front of you, what darkness do you have in your life that blinds you to the signs he has placed in front of you? What are you doing right now to shine his light into the lives of others so they might see?