Day 11 of Advent - Luke 16:10-17

Luke 16:10-17

This is a pretty obvious teaching today, isn’t it? I mean, of course money is a gift entrusted to us so that we can use it for God’s glory. We know that. Why does it even need to be said? And, why would it be included in our Advent readings? 

While we know that wealth is a gift given to us by God, I’m not sure we often realize how small of a gift it is. I’ll speak for myself and say that I regularly find myself stressing out about money and how I’m going to handle a particular financial situation. Some of us may be tempted to look at money as something that can be used for personal gain. Some of us may struggle with money obsession and making sure that we’re always financially secure. Regardless of what the particular struggle may be, I would be willing to bet that the majority of us view material wealth in a way that is not completely God-honoring. This misunderstanding will often lead to us being torn between two different masters: God and money. Ultimately, Jesus’ words here boil down to the simple truth that it is our responsibility to be faithful in all aspects of our lives. It’s our job to consider all things through the lens of the cross. 

When we learn to be faithful through things as small as money, then we can be trusted with things as big as the Kingdom of God. As we continue through this season of Advent, let’s keep considering what it means to live in a way that anticipates the return of Christ. When our focus is on Christ’s arrival, our mindset toward things like money starts to be molded in a way that is much more honoring to God. 

-In what ways have you misconstrued the gift that money can be? Do you view it as something to enhance your personal status, are you obsessed with financial security, etc.?

-How does your mindset toward wealth change when you consider how to live in the anticipation of Christ’s return?

(By Cody Poinsett)