The Beginning of Life as We Know It - Chapter 1

Sunday morning in Bible class, I talked a little bit about the nature of sin and what exactly Adam and Eve were reaching for when they reached for the fruit on the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. They reached for the one thing they didn't have: independence from God. What we will see throughout the rest of the story is the struggle of God's creation to live a life in dependency on Him. 

Genesis begins with this moving poem depicting the power of God. Stop for a moment and make two columns with 1, 2, 3 on one side and 4, 5, 6 on the other. Write down what happens on each day of creation. What pattern do you notice? God creates large spaces in the first three days and then fills them in the next three. What does this say about God? More specifically, what does this say to Israel about God? What does it say to Israel, who are surrounded by all of the Egyptian gods, about YHWH, the God who created everything? It says that Ra, the Sun-god of Egypt, didn't come along in creation till day 4...our God is bigger than your god! All of the gods of the ancient world would find their place (if they even exist) within a creation that our God spoke into existence. 

Genesis begins with a dramatic announcement that YHWH, God, is and always will be number one! You then see Adam and Eve take that relationship for granted, reaching for the fruit, and taking hold of independence from the one who loves them most. The mirror turns and you see in your own life where you fail to stand in awe of the God who spoke all things into existence and then turn to reach for the ability to grasp and provide for your own security. Diving deeper into independence from God, doing it all on your own, is what drives you further away from the Garden, not what draws you deeper into the Garden.

What do you need to let go of right now that you're reaching for? What habits do you need to develop that will fill you with God and draw you deeper into the Garden?